Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Kerr's

This is my really good friend Jess, we work together. She is not only the BEST nurse but she has been such a good friend to me. We got pregnant around the same time so it was a lot of fun waddleing down the halls at work together.  Little Peyton was born weighing 5.2 lbs. So when she came to do her newborns she was the smallest baby I've ever taken pics of. She is a doll with the strongest features I've ever seen.  I just love this little family!!.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Beagley family

This is my very best family. Ashley has been my friend from day one since I moved to Utah County 6 years ago, and I love her and Dave so much!.

This is Penny their animal child. 

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The Corless Family

Meet big boy Hayes and his cute mom and dad.
I got to shoot this little man right in his backyard. Little does he know he'll be feeding cows and learning the cowboy ropes before he knows it... Jessie is a natural at being mommy, I'm so glad she asked me to capture this moment.


This handsome boy is to die for!. He's got the most contagious smile I've ever seen. Quentin was so fun to shoot, he knew just what to do and as you can see it was't hard to get a smile out of him.  He's friends with my oldest son and he thinks he is the coolest friend ever!.